Rhinoplasty is Not Performed Just For Aesthetic Reasons

Out of the many different misconceptions that are associated with plastic surgery, the ones linked to rhinoplasty are definitely the most widespread. The mention of the word usually makes us think about cosmetic surgery modifications that were done with the only reason of enhancing the beauty of an individual. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, we need to understand that there are also situations in which rhinoplasty is a medical necessity. That is why in some situations it is even covered by medical insurance.

Rhinoplasty is defined as a plastic surgery type that reconstructs form, brings back function and enhances the nose from an aesthetic point of view. This is done by treating different respiratory issues, nasal traumas, correcting botched rhinoplasties and fixing congenital defects. The medial specialist that performs the procedure is trained as a maxillofacial surgeon or is a otolarynglogist in most situations.


Nose Surgery Procedures

Modern plastic surgery, like the one handled by Linia Bristol Surgery, is based on new techniques and various procedures that are a lot more evolved than they were in the past. We are taken techniques that were created in order to handle the unique situation that the individual is faced with. Most of the procedures will follow general steps but surgeons can customize treatment based on the nasal features that are corrected.

Revision Rhinoplasty

We need to talk about revision rhinoplasty since it is quite a problem at the moment. There are various individuals that tried to save money and chose surgeons that were not really qualified to perfectly handle the first rhinoplasty procedure. In addition, many different problems appear when the patient does not respect the indications of the surgeon. No matter the situation, when faced with substandard surgery results, it is easy to end up with a really low self-esteem since the visual appearance of the nose will be really bad while there is also the possibility to be faced with decreased nasal function.

The problem with revision rhinoplasty is that the surgery will be more complex and quite challenging since we are referring to repairing damage that appeared with past operations. Different bone components that are delicate in nature need to be re-created. Also, fabricated components have to be symmetrical or identical to opposing counterparts. To put it simple, the surgery is quite complicated and it is really important that you work with someone that has a lot of experience so that you can be faced with the best possible results.


Septoplasties are done in order to correct septum shape. This procedure is really common nowadays when faced with structural cartilage or bone defects. Nasal septums are really important for us because they help regulate airflow, support nose mucous membranes and provide support structures. As you can easily imagine, when the septum is not as it should be, various breathing difficulties can appear. Going through the procedure will help the patient to basically start breathing properly, which is definitely something that a lot of individuals need at the moment. It is a shame to see that they do not go through the surgery because of misconceptions about rhinoplasty.