Eyelash Curler Purchase and Usage Tips

Beautiful eyes make a beautiful face. One of the ways to add to the beauty of your eyes is to curl your eyelashes. Curling your eyelashes enhances the beauty of your eyes by making them look wider and brighter. Have you noticed how wide, bright and beautiful eyes movie stars and models staring out of the pages of a magazine have? The secret is either false eyelashes or and well done curling.

Curling eyelashes can be a better option than attaching false eyelashes to your eyes. Still, you should do it with utmost care as you might end of hurting your eyes. Here are some useful tips on using eyelash curlers:

  • Eyelash curlers are available in two different materials: metal and plastic. Metal curlers are generally considered better than plastic curlers as they are better at holding the lashes firmly during the curling procedure.
  • Eyelash curlers work best when there is no mascara on the eyelashes. So you should remove them using a makeup remover before starting the procedure. Although many women prefer to curl their eyelashes with mascara on, this a bad idea as mascara can make the eyelashes sticky and the curler might pull them off from their roots.
  • Before starting the procedure, you should heat the curler gently using a blow-dryer but not for more than five seconds. If it gets too hot, then you should wait until it cools.

As eyelash curlers come very close to the eyes, although not actually touching them, a badly made curler be dangerous for your eyes. Therefore, you should only buy well-made, high quality curlers. Here are some tips on buying eyelash curlers:

  • Buy your eyelash curler only from an authorized retailer to avoid cheap imitations of dubious quality. However, it doesn’t mean that you should only buy branded products. Some inexpensive curlers are also just as good.
  • Choose metal curlers over plastic curlers. Metal curlers can hold your lashes more firmly and they also last longer. But make sure that the cushion and curve angle the gripper are intact and not loose.
  • If you have very short eyelashes, then either get an eyelash extension or buy a less curved curler which makes it easier to hold the lashes.
  • An electric curler can give your eyelashes a curl that can remain the same the whole day, but the machine can be clunkier. So buy one only if you think you will be able to use it comfortably.